Niva    Agro

About company

Niva Agro Ltd - the agricultural company, the producer of production of plant growing in the Republic of Crimea..

The most important branch of plant growing is the grain farm — cultivation of grain crops. It provides a basis of food of people, and also considerable part of a fodder diet of farm animals.

Main activities of the company:

  • Plant growing (cultivation of grain crops, wheat, sunflowers, barley)
  • Industrial crops (coriander,  colza)
  • Legumes (peas)
  • Vegetable growing (potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, beet)
  • Services (sowing grain and tilled crops, cleaning of grain crops).

The basic principles in work of our enterprise:

  • High professionalism - our team is always aimed at result which production, is based on modern technological base.
  • Reliability - clients can be always sure of us that is proved for years of work.
  • Decency - we value the reputation, we appreciate each our partner and we always try to provide stable and regular deliveries of a quality product.
  • Initiative - we don't stand still, and we strive for the best result and always positively we react to changes if they are directed to increase of overall performance.

Sources of foundation of our enterprise, originate since 1959.

The activity, on an extent of many years we carry out in one of the largest and economically developed agricultural Regions of Crimea, Krasnogvardeysk.